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we are a technology company focused on the entire digital media industry.  Founded by a group of talented entrepreneurs, dedicated to the areas of online, media, video streaming, and IoT (Internet of Things), we apply sophisticated techniques and tools to achieve our client’s long-term goals.  Using strategic global alliances and in-house professionals, our team is dedicated to the best-in-class service, and pushing our client’s success is our primary objective.



A.F.O offers a broad portfolio of innovative products and services that seek autonomous growth with opportunities for the consolidation of business success.


  • Our software platform is tailored to the studio management and media fields.  Our clients have more control over administration and operations for maximum efficiencies.

  • Online support software which allows higher productivity at a lower cost.

  • We provide proprietary solutions on demand.

Advisors and consultants

  • We work with the most qualified industry accountants and financial advisory firms.

  • Our network of legal experts are current with all regulatory issues and legalities related to our industry.

  • We advise you on the step-by-step process of industry entrepreneurship.

  • We have experts throughout the country and abroad to solve any aspect in the development of your business.

  • Digital consulting and technologies.

Lead Generation

  • We generate powerful digital campaigns for targeted audiences, with the objective of generating direct and measurable incremental sales for our clients.

E-commerce Marketing

  • Create and optimize your e-commerce

  • Prioritize your digital sales by implementing traffic to the target audiences and implementing systems that generate a higher ROI for your business while applying the latest marketing automation and machine learning technologies.

STRATEGIC Partnerships

Our main objective is to listen to our clients and, based on their needs, solve the challenges that arise


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  • +1 347 638 5599


  • +1 347 638 5599

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